Masakan Kami

I have always enjoyed creating home cooking meals of various Asian cuisines for my family and friends. I have started selling "kueh mueh" (Bruneian local cakes) for a number for years. I have decided to start this blog to showcase the various dishes that I enjoy making and that can be had for your enjoyment and pleasure! For queries/orders, please email me at Or call/text us at 8748143

Monday, September 1, 2008

Our Kek Lapis List

We are taking orders now. So to avoid disappointment, do contact us! Remember our "Kek Lapis" are 10" x 7" in size and costs $35.00. See the pictures attached for your choice!! (The list below follows the pictures as it descends!)

1. Lapis Sweet Silky
2. Lapis Favourite Nutella
3. Lapis Ore-Oreo
4. Lapis Lengit Ice-Cream Pisang
5. Lapis Cocoa Sprinkle's
6. Lapis Raisin Nutella
7. Lapis Western Fruit
8. Lapis Pandan Apricot
9. Lapis Sparkling Raspberry
10. Lapis Tiga Dara
11. Lapis Sour Raspberry
12. Lapis Purple Hill
13. Lapis Waving Toffee Princess
14. Lapis Choconut
15. Lapis Crunchy Coconut
16. Lapis Apple Crackers
17. Lapis Ice-Flake
18. Lapis Ice Marble Choco
19. Lapis Square Chocolate
20. Lapis Balada
21. Lapis Dimensi
22. Lapis Rainbow La-Nina